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On the weekend of November 15, 2014 while something historical took place most of us were sound asleep. That autumn morning in Brisbane, Australia the G20 leaders posed for photo ops, approved a series of proposals, cast stones at Russian President Vladimir Putin and then whisked back to their respective countries. It all happened so […]

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Netflix Secret Genre Codes

Our family have been Netflix subscribers since December 1999. We’ve enjoyed many family movie nights together and many memories as a result. With access to streaming these codes may help you access entertainment easier. The list has been edited to remove genre’s our family does not care for. First discovered by a blog known as What’s […]

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Need an SBA loan so you can grow your business affordably? Loans may be available up to $350,000!

SBA LOANS An SBA loan is a low-interest, government-backed loan, with the longest term and lowest rates available. Repaid monthly, it is available to businesses that have been in business for at least two years. Collateral is required for loans of more than $25,000 in some situations. What is an SBA Loan? An SBA loan is […]

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Looking for invoice financing to access future receivables? No need to wait for invoice payment!

INVOICE FINANCING Invoice financing is based on your outstanding invoices or receivables, and the underwriting process is based on your customer, not your business. Minimal documentation is required and there are no pre-payment penalties. What is invoice financing? Invoice financing, which is also sometimes called factoring, is financing based on business-to-business transactions. It is a […]

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Does your business need the flexibility of a medium-term Loan? Low rates with no collateral required!

MEDIUM-TERM LOAN A medium-term loan is a simple interest business loan with a low rate and flexible terms ranging from one to five years, with no prepayment penalties. No collateral is required for a medium-term loan, but a personal guarantee is needed. What is a medium-term loan? Some business needs demand financing with a longer term. […]

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Strategic Tax Mitigation

Strategic Tax Mitigation It is extremely important that we note that we are not a tax planning practice and that we do not give tax advice. We work closely with the tax professionals of the client to facilitate their understanding of our programs so as to enable them to make any and all determinations relative […]

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When Doctors “Feel Rotten” This Is What They Do

Like many doctors, one of your most valuable but frustrating assets is your insurance Accounts Receivable. It doesn’t seem fair to not get paid for services honestly rendered. We make sure you get paid the maximum extent possible. We help our clients, doctors just like you, recover tens of thousands of dollars in uncollectable insurance […]

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Why Invest?

Why Invest? God is the perfect partner in any investment program. It is He who supplies all the seed to be planted. We plant it; He multiplies it. So, any investment program ought to be based around multiplying assets that God supplies and returning the bulk of the crop, as pointed out in the parable […]

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