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My Failures – I’m Far From Perfect.

My failures I’m far from perfect. I have had two incidents in my life that are painful: Medco which I’ve written about and posted on my website. In 1996 I had been S-7 and S-63 licensed for many years. My broker dealer (BD) was aware of the note program I marketed and their compliance department […]

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Why Investigative Due Diligence Is A Modern-Day Imperative

The failure to conduct thorough due diligence can leave your firm vulnerable to substantial loss or liability. Today, only a complete due diligence investigation can provide you with the confidence to move forward with a new investment, partner or venture. How thorough must today‚Äôs investigations be? Just consider a few statistical realities: Only 65% of […]

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On the weekend of November 15, 2014 while something historical took place most of us were sound asleep. That autumn morning in Brisbane, Australia the G20 leaders posed for photo ops, approved a series of proposals, cast stones at Russian President Vladimir Putin and then whisked back to their respective countries. It all happened so […]

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These are the 12 rules I live by

These are the 12 rules I live by. (By the way, I believe that EVERYONE has some personal philosophies or rules, and we’d love to hear yours in the comments section below.) I go to bed and get up at the same time 7 days per week (10pm and 5am.) I do not deviate from […]

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Why Invest?

Why Invest? God is the perfect partner in any investment program. It is He who supplies all the seed to be planted. We plant it; He multiplies it. So, any investment program ought to be based around multiplying assets that God supplies and returning the bulk of the crop, as pointed out in the parable […]

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