"Own Nothing but Control Everything" ~ Nelson Rockefeller

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ~Mark Twain


Benefits of these financial strategies are:

Preserve and Protect Your Assets

Real Estate Investor Tax Benefits

Reduce annual tax liabilities

Reduce Property Taxes & Capital Gains

Avoid probate & death taxes

Avoid lawsuits & judgment losses

Protect retirement savings

Create generational wealth

Grow & Protect Your Money

Will break down the difference between the:

1040 tax form vs. the 1041 tax form

Grantor Trust & Simple vs. Complex Trust

Operating Foundations vs. Non Operating Foundation s

Conventional Banking vs. Private Family Banking ( 2% - 15% annual int.)

Our exclusive financial team has over 80 years experience & knowledge in constitutional law and International business & tax structuring that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business & income, protect their income & assets, and avoid lawsuits & judgments internationally without any offshore structuring or bank accounts.


1) A Trust is a three party contract in which one can create a binding inviolate entity. The creator is able to specify the terms, provisions and who the other parties are.

2) Article 1 Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution states; In part no state shall pass any law impairing the obligation of contracts.

3) U.S. Adopted Common Law of England with the Constitution, Caldwell vs. Hill 178 SE 383, 193 The Supreme Court holds that “A trust relationship comes under the Real of Equity Justice based upon the Common Law, and it not subject to legislative restrictions as are corporations and other organizations created by legislative authority.” -Crocker vs MacCloy, 649 US Supp 39720.

4) The Trust organization consisting of a US Constitutional right of contract cannot be abridges. The agreement when executed becomes a federal organization and not under any of the laws passed by any of the several legislatures., – Crocker vs. MacClay 619 US sup 39 at 270.

5) A Business Trust may be organized to engage in any business in which individual or corporation may lawfully engage.” Wagner Oil and Gas Co. v. Marlo, 278 Pacific Reporter 294, 137 Oklahoma 116; Weber Engine Co. v. Alter, 245 Pacific Reporter 143, 120 Kansas 557; and 46 American Law Reports 158.

6) The records of the Trust are confidential and their books and records are NOT subject to review or subpoena. (smith V. Morse, 2 CA 524)

7) This is not a grantor type trust and you can be given authority to be assigned trustee for any number of trust or foundation.

8) Look at the 1041 tax form; it addresses income, deductions and tax / payments. It requires full income disclosure and deductions include donations, distributions and other expenses. This is not a 1040 tax form and all lawful expenses are deducted.

Benefits Complex Trusts & Non Operating Private Family Foundation:

-Preserve and Protect Assets

-Private Family Banking & Financing

-Cannabis Business, Banking, Tax & Financing Solutions

-Enhance Assets and Income

-Reduce annual tax liabilities

-Reduce property taxes & capital gains

-Avoid probate & death taxes

-Avoid lawsuits & judgment losses

-Protect retirement savings

-Isolate assets from litigation and liens

-Insure personal privacy

-Create a legacy for future generations

-Provide a vehicle for the custody of children’s funds

More Facts & Trust Laws:

-It becomes essential to distinguish between what is and what is not income. Congress may not by any definition it may adopt conclude the matter since it cannot by legislation alter the Constitution, from which alone it derived its powers to legislate, and within whose limitations alone, that power can be lawfully exercised. US Supreme Court Eisner v. Macomber, 252 US 189 (1920).

-This type of trust is also sometimes referred to as a “Common-Law Trust” because it finds its basis in the law of contracts and does not depend on any statute for existence. Schuman-Heink v. Folsom, 159 NE 250 (1927

-The income tax system is based on voluntary compliance, not distraint.” Flora v. United States, 362 US 145 US Supreme Court.

-A business Trust is a common law entity formed by contract, and thus, is not subject to the same types of state regulation as a corporation—Elliot v.Freeman, 220 US 178 and Right to Contract” cannot be abridged. The agreement, when executed, creates a Federal organization not under the laws passed by any of the several legislatures. Boyd v. U.S., 116 U.S. 251 U.S. 385 (1920). Amendment IV, U.S. Constitution.

Private Banking Secrets Revealed:

Have you seen the recent news regarding Wells Fargo Bank?


Are you concerned about the future protection of your hard earned money?

How would you like to learn how to pay off all of your debts in a fraction of the time while growing your money at the same time?

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What if I was to tell you that you that if you have a 401(k), IRA, or Pension Plan I have some really bad news for you. That being said, you can start your own private family bank utilizing the tools in the videos below with a min of $ 150 per month?

Private Family Bank Benefits:

2% - 15% Compounded Annually

Borrow Money While Principle Grows Annually

Guaranteed Loan Approvals

Non-Recourse Loan Options

Start Your Own Bank w/min $ 1 50 per mo.

One of our clients has paid off $980K of debt in only 39 months and another client has paid off $450K of debt in only 54 months utilizing one of our customized financial instruments.

My question to you is why would you continue to only use your current bank that does not offer you and your family these types of benefits? If you qualify you can start your own private family bank with as little as $ 150 per month.




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