Hard Money Available for Fast Closings $250,000 up to $5,000,000

United States only: I have Hard Money available for Fast Closings and I have Lower Interest Rate long-term finance options as well! This financing is available for purchase or cash-out refinance on the following property types:

Non Owner Occupied Single Family Residences

Multi Family Buildings

Office Buildings

Industrial Buildings

Self Storage Facilities

Strip Mall Centers

Mixed Use Properties

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Retail Properties

Hospitality (Flagged)

Car Dealerships

Many other commercial property types will be considered if they either make money, or have the potential to make money!

Available loan amounts from $250,000 up to $5,000,000. Higher loan amounts possible for solid, low-LTV transactions.


When you message me at joe@joetufo.com, please answer these questions that will help me assess the strength of your transaction:

1) Size of loan?

2) Type of property & Address of property?

3) Current as-is value of property and how is that value being arrived at?

4) Detailed Breakdown of the Uses of the proceeds?

5) Length of loan?

6) Exit strategy?

7) Borrower’s Pricing Expectations (rate & point wise)

8) Are you the Borrower or a Broker?

9) If this is a purchase, how much down payment is the Borrower bringing to the closing table as a down payment towards funding?

I use the answers to the above questions to gauge my interest in moving forward so if you could please include that in your initial email, that would be great!

Are you ready to get your commercial deal funded? Just email me at joe@joetufo.com

Thank you!


Sincerely and with gratitude,
Joseph P. Tufo
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