Why Investigative Due Diligence Is A Modern-Day Imperative

The failure to conduct thorough due diligence can leave your firm vulnerable to substantial loss or liability. Today, only a complete due diligence investigation can provide you with the confidence to move forward with a new investment, partner or venture. How thorough must today’s investigations be? Just consider a few statistical realities:

  • Only 65% of all criminal records are available from the FBI fingerprint database.
  • Applicants falsify information on resumes more than 40% of the time.

Our preferred investigations firm meets a higher standard.

Our preferred investigations firm tailors its due diligence investigations to match the needs of each individual client. They use recognized best practices suited precisely to each specific engagement. Unlike other firms that have developed cookie cutter methodologies and procedures, our preferred investigations firm maintains a customized approach.

With every investigation, you are appointed a lead investigator who leans on our preferred investigations firm century of experience and accumulated wisdom to create the most appropriate investigative strategy for your case. The result is a report with a degree of detail and depth you get only from our preferred investigations firm .

Our preferred investigations firm conducts in-depth research to gather confidential and timely information about the business history, resources, credentials and reputation of parties of interest. Our preferred investigations firm Due Diligence Investigation uncovers:

  • Identity Risks
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Criminal Records
  • Financial Crimes
  • Links to Organized Crime
  • Civil Litigation
  • Character Issues
  • Omissions of Material Information
  • Inflated Qualifications

Advanced technology drives hard-to-find insights.

In addition to its team of seasoned investigators, our preferred investigations firm leverages advanced background checking technologies pioneered by Sterling, its parent company. Our preferred investigations firm has efficient access to a vast collection of background data that can give you an early view of interim information. The proprietary Sterling Talent Solutions technology you’ll benefit from includes:

  • Court Direct: Direct access to primary source criminal records from over 2,000 jurisdictions throughout the US.
  • Complete Criminal Locator: An exclusive technology that searches 15.7% more places for applicant records and finds up to 23% more criminal records as a result.Identifies possible criminal activity through name, social security number, and other criminal databases.
  • Pulls from hundreds of data sources across millions of criminal records, identifies thousands of potential criminal records that others miss and then uses social security number traces to find and match up records.

Expertise in emerging markets and underdeveloped countries.

Your risk grows considerably as you head into emerging markets and countries with lower transparency. Lack of regulatory infrastructure, standardized reporting and established legal systems can hamper a complete investigation. Our preferred investigations firm has conducted thousands of investigations, and counting, in emerging markets, including the Middle East, Africa and India. In fact, our preferred investigations firm experience, advanced technology and customized investigative approach make them the superior choice in every corner of the world.

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