SBLC Procedures

With Pre-advise:

  1. 2% in escrow (For amounts $10M and up).
  2. Issuing bank send MT799 pre-advise
  3. 1% gets released
  4. Receiving bank accepts and sends RWA
  5. Issuing bank send MT760
  6. 1% gets released
  7. 5 days later the remaining 8% gets paid

Without Pre-advise:

1. Client submits application, and countersigns contract.
2. Client bank Issues MT103.23 for payment
3. Issuing bank sends MT760
4. Client bank receives MT760 and releases the line 23 condition.


1. Client submits application, and countersigns contract.
2. Client bank Issues 2% for payment (Either escrow or MT103.23)
3. Issuing bank sends MT760 (Minimum $25M)
4. Client bank receives MT760 and releases the line 23 condition.
5. Within 5 banking days, remaining balance get paid.


1. Put non-refundable call option fee in escrow
2. ISIN/CUSIPS will be blocked
3. (Option Pre-advise)
4. Within 5 days 6% placed in escrow
5. MT760 delivery of BG
6. Remaining 3+2 balance due in 10 days after delivery of BG.

Meet the banker

1. 15% placed in escrow
2. Meet the banker at UBS NY
3. Get BG/ SBLC issued during meeting.


Commissions are an additional 1% USA and 2% Outside the USA.

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