Up to 100% Funding $3million to Billions

Up to 100% Funding

I have five possibilities and they are discussed on our LinkedIn profile and website with links below.

One funds up to 100% minimum $3million maximum $500million,

the second requires 2% to 3% cash and funds $50million to $250million,

the third requires 5% cash and funds $3million to no limit and

the fourth requires $500,000 cash and funds $10million to $2billion.

the fifth just accepted a client that had been looking for funding for 20 months. They applied for $400million and were approved for $450million to cover 24 months of reserves. The project is a cement plant in Vietnam. They “only” had $10million in cash. The rate is 3.75% fixed for 20 years. They fund $10million to billions.

Traditional lenders require a minimum 20% down and some require 30% down. The Austrian bank we work with requires 20% cash down.

Please send your executive summary of up to 10 pages for consideration to joe@joetufo.com Please explain to us the full particulars of your situation and what you wish to accomplish.


If you are serious about securing funding, please see the following:

NEXT STEP: REQUIRED: in writing your Executive Overview/Summary (please see 5 required items below): PLEASE USE THIS EXACT FORMAT BELOW

ALL documents should be submitted in WORD, EXCEL, PDF, PUB, JPEG or like documents. NO link/Cloud file formats please.

    1. Be concise. Executive Overview/Summary; should not exceed 5-10 pages. (expressed in English and in U.S. Dollars)
    2. How much cash money has the Client already invested or has available to be invested in this project?
    3. Include the clear purpose for the Use of Funds.
    4. Clearly state the length of time from funding that it will take until the company will reach stabilized positive cash flow.
    5. Provide a 10-year projected financial pro-forma - totals only (just Sales, Expenses. Net Operating Income) IN EXCEL

We will review your situation VERY CAREFULLY and offer you a custom fitted solution.

95% of the time the solution will be simple to understand and 100% of the time it will be the least expensive alternative.

Real Estate Development, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Commercial Loans

Hotels, Healthcare, Mining, and Energy Related Projects Finance.

Worldwide Acceptance

Thank you.

Joseph P. Tufo

Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.

Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Capital Specialist

925-352-6000 Cell 800-669-2700 (USA Only)





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