$50Million to $6Billion Funding! Begin Tranching In 30 Days!

$50million to $6billion Funding!

Let’s Get The USA and The World Back To Work!

Fund Your Viable Projects NOW! $50 million to $6billion, begin tranching in as little as 30 days!

The 3.5% Collateral Fee has been slashed to $100,000 to cover legal and miscellaneous fees. The time to fund has been reduced to as little as 30 days to begin tranching from 45 to 60 banking days. This is “the deal of a lifetime” for those who take action NOW!

Until recently it was $3,500,000 for $100million in funding, and $35million for $1billion in funding. 

This new, limited time, program is a flat charge of $100,000 for legal and miscellaneous fees due when you sign your contract, no exceptions. 

If your project is located in the USA and you bank with JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or Citibank you will begin tranching in as little as 30 days after you pass due diligence, sign your contract, and wire the legal fees. 

If you bank with a Top 25 bank globally you will receive your first tranche in about 30 banking days. The amount is determined by the funder from your use of funds you provide with your application. Don't forget our 10% commission is subtracted from each tranche so please adjust your "ask" accordingly. The banks also subtract 2.5% as a "tranching fee."

Deloitte monitors your project progress, it doesn’t get any better than that. 

For every benefit, there’s a cost, and the cost of this program is "on sale" for an indeterminate amount of time. 

There are trillions of dollars available, don’t miss out like 97% of businesses in the USA recently did when the SBA ran out of stimulus money.

This is our attempt to jump-start viable projects of societal value almost everywhere in the world.

Commissions are 10% because the funding is non-recourse after the loan is paid back by the Collateral Provider in about a year. You save 300 +/- payments saving you a bloody fortune.

Some, who want an ongoing business relationship, and want to leverage my 43+ years experience in insurance, securities, and funding including being president of a Los Angeles based commercial lender and chairman of the loan committee, have chosen to award us equity. Three have done that recently.

Collateral Provider Procedures

“The No-Brainer Transaction”

1) Upon receipt of documents (CIS, Project Summary, D/L (US citizen only) or Passport and POF of $100,000 for legal and miscellaneous fees, CFS LLC 10% Commission Fee Agreement, CFS LLC Mutual NDA) and final explanation call with the client if required if necessary.

2) The client will submit the requested documents to the provider.

3) The provider issues the contract and sends directly to the client.

4) Client signs and returns the contract to the provider. 

5) The client wires a deposit of $100,000 for the legal and miscellaneous fees to the holding account identified by the collateral provider.

6) The client notifies the collateral provider that the fee has been wired and a copy of the receipt is provided.

7) Provider confirms with that wire is indeed received.

8) The provider notifies CFS LLC (Tufo) when the wire clears.

9) The provider sends the loan doc's to the client. 

10) Legal fees are automatically returned if the loan does not go through, but has nothing to with the provider side. The refund is made by the Overseas Partner if the loan fails to fund.

11) Our overseas partner contacts the client and walks them through the loan application.

12) Collateral provider and associates funds $50M- $6B (more on a case by case basis.)

  • Commodities 
  • Assets 
  • Hotels and Resorts 
  • Commercial Developments
  • Construction Projects
  • Energy Projects
  • Waste to Energy
  • Plastics Recycling
  • Office Building Complexes
  • Working Capital
  • Real Estate Based Programs
  • Commercial Turnaround and Development
  • International Development/Construction
  • Apartment Complexes and Condo Developments
  • Infrastructure Development of Third World Countries
  • International Mining and Agriculture
  • Water, Energy, and Green-Related Projects
  • Business Growth and Expansion Projects
  • Casino’s
  • Oil
  • Airport
  • Marina
  • Amusement Park
  • Shopping Center
  • Leveraged Buy-Out
  • Corporate Jets
  • Hospital

Can aggregate projects

Needs collateral to get funding has the $100,000 for “skin in the game.” 

CIS, Detailed Use of Funds, Color Scan Passport (outside the USA), or Driver’s License (the USA only), screenshot bank account to cover the $100,000 for legal and miscellaneous fees, CFS LLC Fee Agreement, CFS Mutual NDA.

Email your Executive Summary to joe@joetufo.com or jptufo@protonmail.com and we’ll send you the paperwork. 

Remember the minimum funding is $50 million, $6 billion maximum. The maximum approved to date is the first $6.6 billion project of multiple billions in projects here in the USA.

I’ve known the Collateral Provider for about 15 years. I visited with he and his wife and a prospective client on Friday, June 7, 2019, in Irvine California USA. If Shelter in Place is lifted in California we will meet soon. 

We have a $2,997 three-day one hour a day live video challenge/training and Q&A teaching self-funding/capital raise for those unfamiliar with the concepts. Save 300+/- payments when you learn to self-fund/capital raise versus borrowing and living under the burden of debt. 


The $50million to $6billion+ Collateral Provider Program is unique. It’s non-recourse after the Collateral provider pays off the loan by the end of year one. It requires just $100,000 (formerly 3.5%) as a "cost of doing business." At funding, there's a 10% commission paid from proceeds. There's also a bank 2.5% tranching fee. There's no loan obligation so clients save 300 +/- monthly payments, MAI appraisals, annual audited financials, and refinances every five years and the time and stress associated.

When you get ready to move forward, we need everything in ONE email. If you don't have these items please write me at either joe@joetufo.com or jptufo@protonmail.com (encrypted.)

CIS (Client Information Summary)

Executive Summary (you can use of our templates or create your own.)

Use of Funds



Color Scan of Passport front and back (outside the USA) or 

Color Scan of Driver’s License front and back (the USA only)

Bank Statement proving you have the $100,000 to transact business.

Don’t procrastinate. Let’s get you funded now.

My business is saving you money. I want to go to work for you. 

Billions of $$$ of relief.


In your service,

Joseph P. Tufo


San Francisco Bay Area

925.352.6000 Direct, WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO, Viber, Signal

Skype: jptufo



Available 8 am to 6 pm Pacific M-F.



Disclaimer: The information contained on these pages is for educational use only, for the intended recipient. The sender is not a securities dealer, financial advisor, broker or titled entity. If you require financial advice, consult a licensed professional. 

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