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My Failures – I’m Far From Perfect.

My failures

I'm far from perfect.

I have had two incidents in my life that are painful:

Medco which I've written about and posted on my website. In 1996 I had been S-7 and S-63 licensed for many years. My broker dealer (BD) was aware of the note program I marketed and their compliance department had been informed, in fact, the president of Medco had several accounts with me at the broker dealer and the president of the BD knew the president of Medco. When Medco imploded the BD had selective memory loss and threw me under the bus. I lost my licenses.

I was arrested 12/19/14 and charged with a securities violation. I waived extradition in the spirit of cooperation and was extradited to Alabama. I had never conducted business in Alabama and had never traveled to Alabama in my life.

I had hosted a weekly webinar/conference call for many years. A gentleman whom I had known for about five years, who was a VP at a plasma refinery, had introduced me to a gentleman about a year earlier who claimed that he owned many gold mines in the USA and Africa. They wanted to speak on my calls. After about a year I agreed. Greg, the VP, would introduce Richard who owned the mines and they would talk about their program.

Some clients placed funds and were paid on time for several months. Then the payments stopped. Richard, the owner of the mines, became very hard to reach so I called the FBI and reported the matter. When Richard was arrested he blamed Greg and me and 59 others.

Instead of accepting responsibility he acted horribly. What's worse is that he's an ordained minister. His business failure cost me and my clients almost $1.35million. I've agreed to pay restitution even though I "earned" less than $20,000.

I work very hard for clients. I have 40+ years of financial services experience in insurance, securities, and financing. I taught insurance for 19 years and finance from a Biblical perspective for 17 years.

I have both traditional funding sources including a 100+ year old European Bank that funds $5million to billions with 20% down plus closing costs in about 30 banking days to a Next Generation of Funding source that requires membership and 20% down and funds $100,000 to $250million at 3% to 5% fixed for 25 years, and alternative sources such as the investment bank that has funded more than $250billion in projects and funds $10million to $2billion with $500,000 in due diligence fees, a gold backed bond program that funds $50million to $250million with 3% down plus closing costs, an alternative lender that funds $3million to unlimited with 5% down, rates 4% fixed for up to 25 years. There are others all described on my LinkedIn profile and website.

Prospective clients are welcome to meet me in San Francisco.


Sincerely and with gratitude,
Joseph P. Tufo
Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.
Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Capital Specialist
925-352-6000 Cell 800-669-2700 (USA Only) PFP, Community Opportunities, REEP

Skype: jptufo
Commercial Real Estate Loans, Business Funding, WOTC, Specialized Tax Incentives, Cost Segregation, R&D Tax Credit, Property Tax Mitigation, and More...
Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation
Trust, Integrity and Service Here Today Here Tomorrow
You may schedule a visit and meet me in person in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area
Available 8am to 6pm Pacific Any Day But Sunday And Holidays

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Testimonial Kurt Henry

My Name is Kurt Henry and I'm a financial and Commodities Broker, I've Known Joe Tufo since the Fall of 2007, he came highly recommended to me from a couple of my business partners at the time. Joe has been a Consultant, Mentor, and a good friend ever since, I've recommend CashFlow Specialist to over 200 people within the last 3 years and I always pass on Joe's Monthly Newsletters to several business associates of mind.
I think very highly of Joe Tufo and Cashflow Specialists, I've seen several companies similiar to Tufo's company around the country but none of them has the integrity and success rate as CashFlow Specialists.

Kurt Henry
Guybux Enterprise Inc.



We’ve Collected $223,431 to $538,469 For Medical Practices On Uncollectible Insurance A/R – NEXT?

Like many doctors, one of your most valuable but frustrating assets is your insurance Accounts Receivable. It doesn't seem fair to not get paid for services honestly rendered. We make sure you get paid the maximum extent possible. We help our clients, doctors just like you, recover tens of thousands of dollars in uncollectible insurance A/R. We turn old, unrecovered funds into real bottom line assets. This is money in your bank that wasn't there before and was very likely never going to be. Just as a quick example, here are some of the recoveries collected:

  • Nephrology practice: $446,310
  • Cardiology practice: $538,469
  • Orthopedic practice: $364,693
  • Family practice: $223,431

This issue is on a crisis level for so many practices. And, it's why practicing medicine has become so challenging these days. We have a 16 year, proven track record of remarkable recovery. Our unique and proprietary system takes a forensic approach to one of the most vexing problems in practice management. We are NOT a collection agency, but a firm that thoroughly understands claims, coding, and most importantly we have a very skilled and talented specialist team that handles this on a daily basis. With a 98% client retention rate, they are definitely doing something right and good. Here are a few key differentiators:

  • Entirely unique approach to A/R recovery
  • Sophisticated proprietary algorithmic technology
  • Recover a very high percentage of A/R
  • Detailed sample A/R recovery report in 48 – 72 hours
  • Zero upfront cost
  • Post recovery prevention of A/R build-up – increased cash flow
  • Founder and CEO: CPA, MBA
  • Broad corporate business background
  • Revenue loss detection for multi-billion dollar public and private companies
  • Extensive experience at Ernst & Young, focused on business forensics
  • 16 years of experience, 6 offices and a staff of over 60

Here's a 3-1/2 minute video from a previous client, the C.O.O. of a major orthopedic practice with $3 million in A/R. Their experience was so validating, that he agreed to make a video so every practice would know what can happen:

If you'd like to know more, just contact me. I'll call so we can schedule a time for you to meet one of the executives of the firm and you can get your questions answered. We will prepare a free detailed analysis from a sample of your own A/R. You will see exactly why each claim was denied and precisely what needs to be done to recover those funds. The figures speak for themselves and will confirm for you that you no longer need to write off significant amounts of insurance A/R.


Nephrologist – Houston

BAMD was my attempt at reducing my workload and improving my quality of life as a solo practitioner. I achieved both of those goals by working with BAMD, but I also had the unexpected benefit of improved cash flow and less stress. The precision of the BAMD methods allowed me to relax, knowing that if I forgot to bill a patient or incorrectly coded a chart, BAMD would quickly alert me, leading to peace of mind. BAMD is always accessible and we especially love their monthly emails alerting us to new codes and suggestions to improve cash flow.

Interventional Cardiology Practice – Denver

Kash and his team are extremely knowledgeable not only about billing but business in general. It’s very refreshing to have a billing company not only take care of the billing, but to advise us on ensuring we are capturing every dollars owed to the practice. They started with front-desk training, reviewing charts and constantly giving us feedback on how to maximize our revenue.

Rheumatology practice – Dallas

BAMD is an important member of our team. The practice utilizes modifiers extensively. Therefore, coding knowledge and accuracy are very important to us and BAMD knows how to deal with all aspects of our billing so that all claims are processed correctly and we get paid correctly.

Internal Medicine – New York

We had engaged BAMD to come in and clean up our A/R that our current billing company neglected to collect. We were amazed at the very detailed approach they took to let us know exactly why each claim was not paid, but furthermore they provided very detailed action items we could take back to our billers to rework those claims. We collected about $250,000 in old A/R. Needless to say we switched to BAMD soon thereafter and wish we were referred to them sooner!

Hospitalist Group – Los Angeles

BAMD was instrumental in helping us set up our company, get us credentialed quickly with the payors we wanted to be in network with, and also helped us get hospital privileges. They trained us in properly coding our encounters and have a paperless way of capturing our facility charges so we’re not having to carry charges and gather patient facesheets for them and then fax them in. They are very sophisticated in what they do, and we are very happy with not only collections but how quickly we get paid.

Anesthesiology Group – Chicago

We have been working with BAMD for over 6 years. The billing is completed within 24 hours and this helps extremely, in not only receiving reimbursements quicker, but in a more predictable fashion. We would recommend BAMD to any new doctor or existing practice to help facilitate their billing needs, improve their cash flow, and reduce their overall overhead costs.

Gastroenterology Group – Fort Worth

BAMD was a ray of sunshine into our practice. From the very first time we met with their CEO, we knew we were going to be taken care of, and taken care of by a team who not only knew what to do, but a team that was passionate about their work. Fast forward 8 years, the stability in our billing and coding has allowed us to grow from a 2-provider, single location practice to a 18-provider multi-location practice.


Sincerely and with gratitude,
Joseph P. Tufo
Certified Cash Flow Consultant, Certified Capital Specialist, Certified Trainer MedXPrime
925-352-6000 Cell 800-669-2700 (USA Only) Learn about our MedXPrime programs and services Learn about MedXPrime/FH and enroll as a new Associate PFP: Commercial Loans, Business Funding, REEP Agent Opportunity: R&D Tax Credits, Expense Reduction Our Average Client Receives $240,000 in Tax Benefits!
Skype: jptufo
MedXPrime, Commercial Loans, Business Funding, Cost Segregation, R&D Tax Credit, Property Tax Mitigation, Accounts Receivable Recovery, PGX Testing, and More...
Providing Honest Answers in a Timely Manner No Matter How Difficult the Situation
Trust, Integrity and Service Here Today Here Tomorrow
You may schedule a visit and meet me in person in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area
"To enhance, preserve and protect the personal well-being of those who place their trust in us, helping you develop resources that resolve stress by providing proven, high-integrity products and services that exceed expectations. We will help you reduce anxiety and worry while increasing net worth. improving health and contributing to your enjoyment of life. We help you create a 'lifestyle by design.'''
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