Consumer Alert! (This information could save your life)

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I'm reaching out to you with critical information that could SAVE YOUR LIFE or the LIFE OF A LOVED ONE. Any one taking more than one prescription at the same time is in danger. This is the 4th LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH!

Consumer Alert! (This information could save your life)
In the U.S. 125,000 people die from Adverse Drug Reactions, the 4th leading cause of death, plus 2 million are hospitalized and many have lifelong issues. This is due to taking a medication that doesn't suit your body's genetic profile. A very simple DNA test to prevent this has been around for 8 years, believe it or not, however 90% of doctors still aren't using it even though major clinics like Mayo, Vanderbilt, Duke, and Stanford have incorporated it into their procedures. It's a simple Q-tip cheek swab, which is sent to the world class lab we've teamed up with. Within a few days the doctor gets a report that clearly shows what medications the patient can safely take and, most importantly, which they cannot take. Many insurance companies and Medicare* pay for this test (*see company information for full details).
A story shared by a Father:

The daughter of one of our representatives suffered for 15 years with medications that caused depression and changed her personality. After discovering our company, she was given this very simple test. The results came back to the doctor and showed that ALL the medications she had been on were all the wrong ones. In fact her doctor said to the father that he was surprised she was still alive. Needless to say, the doctor has corrected the medications and she is like another person today.

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