My Failures – I’m Far From Perfect.

My failures

I'm far from perfect.

I have had two incidents in my life that are painful:

Medco which I've written about and posted on my website. In 1996 I had been S-7 and S-63 licensed for many years. My broker dealer (BD) was aware of the note program I marketed and their compliance department had been informed, in fact, the president of Medco had several accounts with me at the broker dealer and the president of the BD knew the president of Medco. When Medco imploded the BD had selective memory loss and threw me under the bus. I lost my licenses.

I was arrested 12/19/14 and charged with a securities violation. I waived extradition in the spirit of cooperation and was extradited to Alabama. I had never conducted business in Alabama and had never traveled to Alabama in my life.

I had hosted a weekly webinar/conference call for many years. A gentleman whom I had known for about five years, who was a VP at a plasma refinery, had introduced me to a gentleman about a year earlier who claimed that he owned many gold mines in the USA and Africa. They wanted to speak on my calls. After about a year I agreed. Greg, the VP, would introduce Richard who owned the mines and they would talk about their program.

Some clients placed funds and were paid on time for several months. Then the payments stopped. Richard, the owner of the mines, became very hard to reach so I called the FBI and reported the matter. When Richard was arrested he blamed Greg and me and 59 others.

Instead of accepting responsibility he acted horribly. What's worse is that he's an ordained minister. His business failure cost me and my clients almost $1.35million. I've agreed to pay restitution even though I "earned" less than $20,000.

I work very hard for clients. I have 40+ years of financial services experience in insurance, securities, and financing. I taught insurance for 19 years and finance from a Biblical perspective for 17 years.

I have both traditional funding sources including a 100+ year old European Bank that funds $5million to billions with 20% down plus closing costs in about 30 banking days to a Next Generation of Funding source that requires membership and 20% down and funds $100,000 to $250million at 3% to 5% fixed for 25 years, and alternative sources such as the investment bank that has funded more than $250billion in projects and funds $10million to $2billion with $500,000 in due diligence fees, a gold backed bond program that funds $50million to $250million with 3% down plus closing costs, an alternative lender that funds $3million to unlimited with 5% down, rates 4% fixed for up to 25 years. There are others all described on my LinkedIn profile and website.

Prospective clients are welcome to meet me in San Francisco.


Sincerely and with gratitude,
Joseph P. Tufo
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