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Fund Viable Projects Worldwide $5m to $100b

Greetings & Salutations!

Moving forward we need EVERYTHING in ONE email:

* Our CFS LLC Fee Agreement. We have worked very hard establishing relationships with funders since July 1, 1999, and have invested a minimum of 150 hours a year in learning everything we can about the funding business since May 1998. We are paid a 5% commission on all transactions and 10% equity on all non-recourse transactions clients qualify for because they have no loan obligation saving a fortune. All non-recourse transactions require 3.5%* as a collateral fee and fund in 45 to 60 banking days up to $500 million and 60 to 75 banking days per tranche above that. We have three non-recourse programs, #1, #7, and #10. We also have several traditional loan programs with monthly payments for up to 25 years #2, #3 (VIP Only), #4 (VIP Only), #5 (VIP Only), #6, #8 (VIP Only), and #9. ** The collateral fee on #1 increases to 9% effective 1.1.20 and the minimum funding increases to $100million.

* Our CFS LLC Mutual NDA. Invariably clients will find out who our Funders are. If you circumvent us we're entitled to the commission you agreed to for five years AFTER you sign the NDA. We don't share your information with anyone but the funder(s) you’ve asked us to remit your file to. You agree to pay us the 5% commission on ALL Transactions for five years from the date you sign the agreement. 

* One of our Executive Summary Templates - one is for Real Estate the other is for transactions other than Real Estate. We’ve used these templates for 20 years+. Our Funders like them. We like them. They answer all the questions we asked our Underwriters when I was Chairman of the Loan Committee and President of a Los Angeles Commercial Lender in 2005-2006. They're complete, succinct, and capture 95% of the information prospective funders require and minimize work. 

* A color scan of the front and back of your Passport if you are outside the USA.  

* A color scan of the front and back of your Driver's License if you are USA Business Entities.

* A bank statement proving you have the 3.5% Collateral Fee which will be wired or direct deposited to the Corporate Bank Account of the Collateral Provider or their Paymaster/Escrow Agent.

If you choose #7 you'll need to let us know if you're applying as an individual or a corporation and we'll send the appropriate paperwork in a separate email.

Project Funding $25million to $100billion +

I sent this to a prospective client and thought it might help you if you have viable projects of societal value to fund globally except for countries on the United Nations "Watch List." 

There are several funding possibilities to consider:

1. California/Arizona based Collateral Provider - requires *3.5% cash funds in 45 to 60 banking days which is nine to 12 weeks, you can start with one project and leverage part of the proceeds for subsequent projects. Place $875,000 at contract net $23,750,000 non-recourse - no loan to pay back. $25 million to $100 billion. Move at your own speed. If you don't have the entire amount of cash what do you have? This is a good choice if you have $875,000. Clients pay us 5% commission and 10% equity because this is non-recourse no loan to pay back. 

*** Effective 1.1.20, the minimum funding will be $100million and the collateral fee will be 9%. We found other collateral fee providers charging 15% to 17% both in the USA and in Europe. Everyone we spoke with indicated that the fees are too low for the service provided. 

2. A Hedge Fund Underwriter in the Midwest requires 5% to 10% cash (he has flexibility and can do less), and funds $5 million to $250 million with rates 4.75% to 5.25% fixed, plus 5.0 points (5%) to CFSI and 3.0 points to his company and ancillary closing costs. This is a good choice if you want a traditional loan and have the cash down payment and due diligence fees.

He lives in my hometown, where I was born and raised. He’s a terrific guy, a DePaul University MBA, former Controller of a billion-dollar company, former president of Fort Dearborn Paper Company, 33+ years funding experience and 40+ years of business experience and very sharp. He’s the Check Writer.

He charges due diligence and site visit fees of 1/10th of 1% minimum $50,000 maximum $165,000 plus round-trip business class air and a junior suite at a 4-5star full-service hotel. Funding generally takes 60 to 90 days. 

3. We have a European 200-year-old bank that has funded trillions over the years. Because their process is so time-consuming we'll only transact if you join as a VIP ($25,000) with fees credited to commissions at funding. This is a traditional loan that MUST be paid back. 

Rates are very competitive: 


••• Our fixed-rate loans are only ¼% above LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) for permanent financing of projects. 

••• Our variable-rate financing is only ½% above the European Central Bank preferential interest rate. 

Once approved be prepared to pay Due Diligence fees of .5% to 1% of the amount requested to move forward to funding. All fees are credited as equity. No bank in the world will fund transactions without the prospective client paying for services. I have known the Director of the Americas for this bank for years and we speak frequently. I also know the Chairman of the Bank. Financing from USD $5 million up to NO LIMIT.

4. We have an Offshore Trust For VIPs only: that funds $20million to $200m+ in 60 to 90 banking days. They require $50,000 in due diligence fees and $300,000 escrowed in either Australia 🇦🇺 or Hong Kong 🇭🇰. Once we have a signed mutual NCND, fee agreement, executive summary and bank statement showing a minimum of $350,000 we'll schedule an introductory call. You will sign a fee agreement paying us 5%. 

Because their process is so time-consuming we'll only transact if you join as a VIP ($25,000) with fees credited to commissions at funding. This is a good choice if you want a traditional loan and $350,000 and have time to travel. Because their process is so time-consuming we'll only transact if you join as a VIP ($25,000) with fees credited to commissions at funding. This is a traditional loan that MUST be paid back. 

If you choose to move forward you'll travel to Sinqapore 🇸🇬 and meet the Trustee and his team for seven to 10 days. You will tranche beginning a few weeks later. 

5. For VIPs ($25,000) only:  If you have a really large funding need of $100million to $100billion we have a United Nations approved funder, in fact, the principals are Official Members of the United Nations in the Strategic Division New York, it doesn’t get any better than that. Note: Less than 100 companies in the world have been able to register in the Strategic Division, even companies with more than 300,000 official members. 

Because their process is so time-consuming we'll only transact if you join as a VIP ($25,000) with fees credited to commissions at funding. This is a traditional loan that MUST be paid back. 

This is the exclusive representative of Royal Academy of the United Nations located on Wall Street in NYC, to finance all the projects provided by this organization, Trade Finance Instruments and Monetization Financial Instruments until the end of the year 2020. This is the official representative of a financial institution with over 30 bank subcategories.

Types of Financing and Investments:

Long-term Loan, Short-term Loan, Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Equity Financing, Debt Financing, Line of Credit and all types of alternative financing is available. (It could be Negotiable on Face to Face Meeting and process of Site Visit & Due Diligence). This is a traditional loan that MUST be paid back. This is a good choice if you want a traditional loan, have time, and have the cash down payment.

Interest Rate    
The range of interest rate is between 2 and 4.5%. The exact and final rate will be determined after legal review, Due Diligence and site visit on a case-by-case basis.

Because their process is so time-consuming we'll only transact if you join as a VIP with fees credited to commissions at funding. 

6. We have a business relationship with a licensed Asset Manager with offices in France, Hong Kong, and Singapore that provides ALL banking instruments including Bank Guarantees (BG), Stand By Letters of Credit (SBLC), Medium-Term Notes (MTN) and other banking instruments on both a lease with rates as low as (4+2) and Purchase with rates as low as (39+2) through top banks such as Barclays UK or HSBC Switzerland or UBS Switzerland. They also do project funding with almost unlimited capability. 

7. We have a special Platform Program that will fund your project non-recourse if you have $450,000 USD or increments of $450,000 - $900,000, $1,350,000 etc. Non-recourse - no loan to payback. Clients pay us 5% commission and 10% equity because this is non-recourse no loan to pay back. 

This may be our best program.

8.*BHP and its partner firm BHC is a creative capital consulting firm focused on helping businesses solve the complex challenges facing their projects today. They are private finance specialists with merchant banking, private equity, and debt placement experience. They have acted as both principals and advisers on over 1B USD worth of transactions and much more through our consortium partners in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. 

JV’s are very expensive with $300,000 to $500,000 in formation costs and a success fee of 10% to 15% but this as close to a guarantee a client can get once the investment banks issue the LOI and terms as they are licensed banks, not private shops. Because their process is so time-consuming we'll only transact if you join as a VIP ($25,000) with fees credited to commissions at funding. This is a traditional loan that MUST be paid back. 

Services include the following, among others :

• Mergers and Acquisitions;

• Joint Venture Formation and Planning;

• Debt and Equity Funding ;

• Equity Valuation Analysis;

• Financial Modeling for Structured Finance;

• Project Finance: Identification of Options and Recommendation of an Optimal Transaction & Financing Structure and going to market in the UK, Germany and Hong Kong through their proprietary network of investors, both HNW's and institutional, Performing Due Diligence Exercises as Validation as required by lenders and investors; and Development of Restructuring Programs acceptable to all Stakeholders.

9.If you’re located in the USA we are appointed as an agent with the largest business management consulting firm in the country. Visit this website and see what your tax savings and cost reduction can be: Save up to $200,000 for every commercial property you own (USA Only) https://propertytaxcredits.com/161423

10.For VIPs ($25,000) only: This is a new relationship (10.30.19) They fund $100million to $5billion+

WSB will have 25% of ownership. CASH FLOW SPECIALISTS LLC will have 10% ownership. This is non-recourse no loan to pay back.


10 Million to $100 million   = €215,000 euros
$100 Million to $500 million   = €315,000 euros 
$500 Million to $1 Billion   = €415,000 euros 

$1Billion to $5Billion = €830,000 euros 

WSB has completed over 100 Bond Issuances and over 50 Stock Offerings. Total Capital raised YTD is in excess of 150B USD and growing steadily while we increase the number of strategic partners and projects that we accept to Joint Venture with.

The WSB streamlined process has enabled them to raise substantial capital for many clients from all parts of the globe.

The WSB team incorporates various structured financing vehicles to facilitate your Individual project financing requirements.  If your company vision and story is compelling, your experience and expertise in your field is matched towards your funding goals, WSB can genuinely assist your company to obtain the funding you require. The WSB process will enable you to take the next step towards expanding your business and commercial activities allowing you to scale within your market sector.

The structured financing that WSB structures is briefly summarized below. In all cases WSB requires three years worth of audited financial statements. If you are a pre-revenue company, WSB requires a business plan that includes 3 to 5 years worth of projections. Once WSB reviews your plan if your company is accepted to work with WSB, the approval for your project and invitation will come from the WSB structured finance committee. 

WSB accepts principals that are serious about their business endeavors, have the required knowledge and wherewithal to succeed. It’s important to be able to substantiate the demand for your service/product/project. Having the ability to meet that demand and know that you have a competitive edge over your closest competitors is truly key! 

You shouldn’t apply if you’re only interested in turning a quick profit. WSB only choses to work with viable candidates to acquire financing from the company.  Your motive for obtaining financing is a crucial element in working together.  Once WSB has ascertained the validity of your proposal, they can then fully commit efforts towards procuring the right funding to substantiate your loan request and allow WSB to raise capital for your organization. The process takes 90 to 120 days.

We have two levels of service: 

VIP, who have access 5:30 am to 9 pm Monday through Saturday and pay $25,000 a month* credited to commissions and Non-VIP who don't pay anything and are placed "on the back burner" and have access during normal business hours of 8 am to 6 pm Pacific Monday through Friday on a first come-first served basis. It can be a few weeks before I can get to your funding request. Please be patient!

VIPs please go to our Paypal account and purchase a block of time:

https://www.paypal.me/JosephTufoCFSLLC/1000$1,000 an hour

https://www.paypal.me/JosephTufoCFSLLC/5000  $5,000 half-day

https://www.paypal.me/JosephTufoCFSLLC/10000$10,000 full-day

https://www.paypal.me/JosephTufoCFSLLC/25000$25,000 VIP a month*

Choose the amount of time you want, minimum one hour $1,000.00, half-day $5,000, full-day $10,000, or VIP $25,000 a month, all fees are credited to commissions (subtracted at loan closing) so the service ends up being FREE when you close the loan with us. At age 68, I can’t afford to waste time with clients that aren’t serious about funding their projects. I will not quit until you are funded. I NEVER give up!

* Many choose to award us 10% equity in their project in addition to the VIP Fee and 5% commission at funding. They receive all the benefits of VIP plus lifetime priority in every funding and consulting need. I have 42 years of business experience in Insurance, Securities, and Funding Viable Projects of Societal Value. ALL non-recourse applicants award us 10% equity in their business at successful funding because they incur no loan obligation. We have three non-recourse providers at this time: 

The most successful meet me at BJ’s Restaurant or Vic Stewart’s Restaurant in Brentwood California (About 60 miles from the San Francisco International Airport) and buy me lunch or dinner. The first 15 minutes are FREE and additional time is $1,000 an hour which is credited to the commission for successful funding. People only value the things they pay for. 

Some choose to visit for a half-day pay for breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner and place $5,000 credited to commissions. Some come for a full day, pay for all meals, and pay $10,000 credited to commissions. The ones with complex funding needs, multiple projects, and those that need extra time come for two days, pay for all meals and pay $25,000 credited to commissions. When clients commit we know they’re serious and we bend over backwards to develop a compelling presentation that all but guarantees a positive funding outcome. 

If you choose VIP Priority Service at $25,000 a month you will receive extended service hours and access from approximately 5:30 am to 9 pm M-Sat (approx. 93 hours weekly access,) up to two days blocked to go over every word and every number in your presentation, Priority in every call, and have all VIP fees credited back to the commissions at successful closing. It can take three months +/- to close your loan - why not ensure the best outcome? (Several of our Funders are only offered to VIPs because they are so labor-intensive - all VIP fees are credited to commissions so the service ends up being free.)

Can we have the escrow account in our country? 

That depends on the Funder. 

We have been scammed before. Why should we pay the fees? 

We’ve heard that from some of our clients and we are sorry this has occurred. We meet each client that has been approved in Brentwood California in order to transact in a transparent and professional manner and to ensure closing occurs as per the contract duly signed between us. 

“Selling is getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result that is good for them and getting them to emotionally commit to take action to achieve that result.”

Dan Sullivan 


Our clients are our lifeblood and we keep all of their information confidential.  We do not trade 'on the back' of our clients' good reputations.  We respect our brokers and their clients and NEVER circumvent them under any circumstances. Suffice it to say that over decades of being in business we have provided our services to multi-national 'household-name' publicly traded companies.

This is from an article I wrote in December 2009: Our consulting clients come from every walk of life (including Fortune 500 executives, private family businesses, star athletes, media personalities, doctors, lawyers, bankers, and developers - just to mention a few). We, at Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. guarantee absolute confidentiality and anonymity for each and every consulting client. We do not share names, numbers, or information regarding any of our clients or anything about their businesses – ever! Nor do we provide a listing of past or current consulting clients, so as to be sure to protect their rights and privacy.

For Funding please send: Project Details, Executive Summary, CIS, a color scan of passport or drivers license for KYC, a current sanitized bank statement, Mutual NCND (received), and Fee Agreement in ONE email and send to josephptufo@gmail.com

This ONE THING will give you a structure, a process, and a skill to avoid funding mistakes and surprises even smart Entrepreneurs miss, and it will ultimately give you THE KEY TO GETTING (AND STAYING) FUNDED. 

In order to bring ALL of this together in a way that minimizes your risk, identify your biggest and best opportunities, and maximize your results you need to block a day or more and visit me, go to the Paypal link now and let’s get you focused and funded!

Due Diligence and Private Funding

Due Diligence is a commonly used term in the world of private funding and equity. 

But what exactly does it mean?  

Why is it important, and what is entailed in due diligence processes?

Most importantly, why are upfront fees the norm in the private funding industry?

Clients perform due diligence on their consultants or investment bankers, investors perform due diligence on their clients, and attorneys perform due diligence on clients, brokers, project principals and many other legalities of projects, people, funding mechanisms and tax structuring.  

People perform "due diligence" all of the time, whether in the financial arena or not. 

For a simple analogy to relate to the private funding world, consider the home purchasing process.  

When a couple goes to purchase their first home, they do a certain amount of due diligence to make sure the home is in the right price range, the right school district, is close enough to the shopping centers or far enough in the country (depending on their preferences).   

They hire home inspectors to uncover potential problems so they are not surprised by an expensive or unsafe underlying issue.  

They often purchase a home warranty to cover the replacement of major mechanicals if they happen to fail after the purchase.  

They also hire a professional realtor or broker to help guide the process and represent them so their purchase is legal, safe, and fair.   

The buyer and seller can expect to sometimes pay up front fees for inspections and remedies, in order to be sure the home, and the transaction, is a wise choice.

Why are they doing all of this due diligence just to purchase a home?  

To protect their investment, of course, and to mitigate risk and remedy any hazards or issues that could cost them a small fortune after the purchase, if overlooked.

While the majority of people understand home-purchasing processes, inspections, and other things as normal "due diligence" that must be performed before purchasing a home, many "green" or novice entrepreneurs or private funding clients are not prepared for due diligence processes that must occur before a private investor, investment banker, or hedge fund can draft terms and release funds for project funding or an acquisition.

If due diligence processes occur during home purchases, then they will certainly occur for major, private financial transactions and agreements.

Some would define due diligence as "reasonable steps taken by a party or company to satisfy the legality and legitimacy of a transaction".  Others might define it as "a comprehensive appraisal of a business, asset and/or it's management team".  In the investment world, it can also be defined as "a thorough investigation of a potential investment" or "the research, process and care taken before entering an agreement, investment or financial transaction".

Before an investor, investment banker or hedge fund decides to invest millions of dollars in a start-up, acquisition, natural resource foray or business expansion, they must perform due diligence on the company, the plan, the management team, the performance history, and the future proforma, specifically the likelihood that they will receive their return on investment. 

Since they will be investing millions of dollars, there will be significant costs, time and professional analysis and verification of facts by 3rd party sources in order to be sure that the investment is sound, and also structured properly.  

It is normal for investors and funds to expect the client to pay for these due diligence processes in order to gain access to the private funds.  No legitimate investor will pay out-of-pocket to hire the needed professionals to perform due diligence to verify if a client and his or her plan is a solid investment, or to structure an investment properly so that it is an investment-grade vehicle.

However, the amount of due diligence fees vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project, the number of funding sources needed to fund the project, the number of stages the project needs for development, the location, the source(s) of funds and necessary processes and legalities, and many other variables.

The investor, fund or investment banker must have some kind of commitment from the client in order to be sure their time and resources are going to be used wisely, and that the client will not walk away during the process, or balk at the signing table.

When applicants put a team and a business plan together to submit for private funding, all they usually have is a set of documents, they do not have an actual business, unless they are acquiring one.

That being said, before any wise private investor or fund manager would invest in that client and his or her team's plan (because they essentially are investing in the applicant's competence to carry out a successful plan), they must verify everything.  In order to verify the facts pertaining to the project and its team, they often must pay staff or outsource professionals to do this verification for them.  

This costs time and money.

Attorneys are hired, appraisals are ordered, geological studies and feasibility studies are sometimes developed.  Financial professionals such as accountants, analysts and underwriters are often hired to structure the funding mechanisms in order to make the funding possible.  These professional man-hours can cost thousands of dollars before a project can be funded legitimately.

Additionally, depending on the project, insurance wraps are needed in order to secure the investment.

The bottom line is, all of this costs time, money, and professional man-hours in order to verify and structure a plan or project into a palatable investment-grade vehicle that will satisfy the comfort level, tax considerations, as well as the guidelines for the funding mechanism in order for successful funding to occur.

Additionally, the investor or fund board is considering entering into a short to medium term business, financial or fiduciary relationship with the client.  In essence, they are becoming a part of the business team, creating the funds to fuel the success of the project.  

To reach a level of comfort and to ensure the best possible success for all parties involved, it makes more sense to incur a few thousand in expenses upfront, in order to ensure that several million will not be mishandled or lost from a poor investment, faulty management, or improper investment and tax structuring.

Additionally, private investors, investment bankers and fund managers are approached with literally dozens of potential projects and pitches to fund every week. Most of those projects are not ready to be funded because either the project is not structured properly or the team is not ready to handle the finance and the business project. 

However, those principals and projects that are ready to handle the funds are those who are mature and seasoned enough to be willing and able to pay due diligence fees to prove their commitment to the process and to see the project to success and full fruition.  

The due diligence process and fees that investors and investment bankers employ act as a gate-keeper, filtering out those projects and applicants who are neither serious nor prepared for financial success.

Those principals who are truly prepared to engage and handle millions of dollars from a fund or investor understand that a few thousand in due diligence fees is a drop-in-the-bucket to gain access to millions of dollars to fund a successful project.

In addition to the funds, principal applicants and entrepreneurs will also gain relationships with wealthy individuals, investment bankers and other fund managers who are capable of funding future projects.  Long-term thinking and relationship building in the private funding world do not always guarantee success, but they are certainly necessary for success.

Cash Flow Specialists LLC has access to private funds and equity to fund projects across many industries in the USA, Canada, and abroad.  To see if your acquisition, or project and team is properly structured and prepared for successful funding, contact us today to begin a relationship and your path to private funding success.

We provide commercial real estate loans, business loans, startup funding, project collateral, and project funding from $5 million to $100 billion internationally. 

Our “sweet spot” is $25 million to $500 million and generally takes 45 to 60 banking days to fund - nine to 12 weeks. We move at the speed of the client. 

Bank Guarantees (BG), Stand By Letters of Credit (SBLC) and other instruments available for rates as low as 4+2 lease through top banks and buy rates as low as 38+2 (Barclays UK or HSBC Switzerland or UBS Switzerland). This is a new business relationship in the Middle East. 

Please email your Executive Summary up to 10 pages to joe@joetufo.com or josephptufo@gmail.com for consideration, thank you. 

We have several other funders including Banks, Hedge Funds, Family Offices and Private Lenders. Each has different Underwriting Requirements. 

The most successful travel and meet me in the San Francisco Bay Area and prepay a day or more which is credited to commissions at closing. 

Fund your projects now!

Sincerely and with gratitude,

Joseph P. Tufo

Cash Flow Specialists, LLC

Certified Cash Flow Specialist, Certified Capital Specialist

925-352-6000 Cell 800-669-2700 (USA Only) We also have WhatsApp, IMO, Telegram, and Viber.

josephptufo@gmail.com  joe@joetufo.com 



Skype: jptufo  https://join.skype.com/invite/wSFU3FNKXZ4X 

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/joetufo  www.linkedin.com/in/joe-tufo-l-i-o-n-CFSI

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/joetufo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/joetufo

Commercial Real Estate Loans, Business Funding, Project Funding, Specialized Tax Credits, WOTC, Cost Segregation, R&D Tax Credit, Property Tax Mitigation, and More... 

Located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area 

Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Alignable, and LinkedIn. 

Available 8 am to 6 pm Pacific M-F. 

Use my 40+ years of Insurance, Securities, and Finance to fund your viable projects of societal value in all countries except those on the United Nations “watch list.”

Save up to $200,000 for every commercial property you own (USA Only)



If you are a broker with projects that you are having challenges establishing financing and would like our help, please contact us for details on our private money co-broker and referral programs. Understand that we will then deal directly with the Principle/Developer, but we will honor your interest & commission in the project. We do not tolerate greed and will not work with a chain of brokers.  If you initiate a project with us and it is approved, you will get paid accordingly… if there are other brokers involved in the transaction, you will be responsible for their fees.

Fund Viable Projects WorldwideCompliance: Cash Flow Specialists LLC (CFS) complies with all required anti-money laundering regulations implemented and enforced by all institutions with a standard anti-laundering policy. As part of its anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist compliance efforts, CFS takes all due diligence to ensure that the company and partners fully comply with any and all applicable regulations. CFS uses its best resources and efforts to comply and ensure compliance with all legal restrictions and to uncover any and all suspicious activity. Depending on the area and jurisdiction of any particular transaction, CFS will monitor and report any and all suspicious activities to the pertinent law enforcement agencies in accordance with applicable law.

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