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Strategic Tax Mitigation

Strategic Tax Mitigation

It is extremely important that we note that we are not a tax planning practice and that we do not give tax advice. We work closely with the tax professionals of the client to facilitate their understanding of our programs so as to enable them to make any and all determinations relative to applicability and appropriateness of said programs, strategies, and tools relative to their clients. There are a great number of areas of expertise that Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. specializes in that may provide substantial tax benefit to the client.

Some examples of these areas are:

  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Property Tax Audits
  • Hiring Incentive Tax Credits
  • Energy and Efficiency Tax Credits
  • Exit Planning Strategies
  • Retirement Program
  • And Many More

For a business to realize its full potential, consideration needs to be given to tax efficiency. Tax efficiency is a central focus of Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. and its associated advisors and our capacity in this field is unrivaled in our respective industries.

Joseph P. Tufo
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