Top Reasons to Apply for Alternative Financing Instead of Bank Loans

At traditional banks, small business loans are difficult to obtain. The down economy of recent years has tightened credit and extended application timelines. According to the Wall Street Journal, banks’ decline rates are about 80% and this statistic has caused many companies to look elsewhere for their business financing .

Over the past decade, alternative financing companies have become more prominent. These companies assist businesses obtain financing through new sources of capital.

According to a review of this industry by Goldman Sachs report, “shadow banks” are defined as lenders operating outside the banking system. These new technology-driven lenders, the report predicted, are now providing billions to small businesses.

That means that business owners are turning to these newly funding sources, having successful experiences, and returning whenever their enterprises require an infusion of cash. These lenders aren’t just replicating bank financing application processes. Alternative financing leaders leaders such as Cash Flow Specialists, Inc. are utilizing newer, faster ways to process and approve loans which makes the financing experience far simpler for business owners.

Four Reasons to Apply for Alternative Financing:

1. Annual Business Revenue Under $10 Million

Banks almost seem to never consider small business financing for businesses with revenue under $10 million to be economically viable. They consider such loans to be a greater risk and these also yield far less profit for said banks. Starting with the 2008 financial crisis, banks have reduced their small business lending to focus on extending credit to larger businesses which yield higher profit.

2. No Need for Extensive Documentation and Paperwork.

The bank financing application process involves gathering and submitting documentation, then waiting to hear if the application has been accepted. The process can take months; that’s time that business owners do not have.

3. Fast Decisions and Fast Access to Capital

Most alternative lenders will use technology and financing criteria beyond a business owner’s credit score to make their decisions. That means that the technology can more precisely determine whether a business is capable of repaying a loan. These criteria equal more accepted applications for financing. Another advantage to this vastly improved underwriting system is the ability for alternative financing companies to make their decision in 24 hours or less.

4. What About Seasonal Businesses That Need Flexible Finance Terms?

Banks more often than not offer businesses a one-size-fits-all loan that aims to give the bank (not the business) the most financial security. Alternative financing companies can assist borrowers obtain financing with flexible terms to enable them to cover their expenses during their “off-season”.

If you’re a business owner seeking additional working capital or may have been turned down by your bank, call our Business Consultants at Cash Flow Specialists, Inc.. We will be glad to address any questions you may have about how we can assist your business to cover your current need for additional cash flow. Let’s establish a solid financial relationship to help you to obtain financing quickly whenever your enterprise needs an infusion of capital to succeed.

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