CASH FLOW SPECIALISTS INC. CFSI) and its Financial Conduit is a leading private sector company specializing in Commercial Domestic and International Development, Hard Money, Condominium Complex, Apartment Complex, All Construction, and Energy Related Underwriting and Debt financing for enterprises with revenues under the $200 million range. We provide businesses with funds for acquiring fixed assets of any type, refinancing existing borrowings especially real estate, working capital, mergers and acquisitions, hard money and succession planning in the commercial and International arena.


CFSI and its Financial Conduit provides clients with various solutions after the traditional banking solutions fail, that include; subordinated debt and term debt, as well as, mezzanine financing, recently Third World Countries that are Stable in infrastructure related Projects and Mining, and business advisory services.

You will have access to our extensive network, broad industry knowledge, corporate finance advisory services, and contacts within North America's financial communities which will allow us to quickly identify commercial loan development, hard money, working capital, hotel and resort business opportunities and strategies that will help you achieve your vision of success. Subordinated debt, and mezzanine - the tools of merchant banking - are commonly used to facilitate:

· Leveraged buyouts

· Management Buyouts:

· Acquisitions

· Growth and Major Expansions:

· Succession Financing

International Expansion Planning-----Private Sector

International Infrastructure and Energy Related Projects

New "Green" Energy and Construction Financing

Third World Business Expansion Loans in Stable Countries


In addition, we will assist clients by evaluating a target company in an acquisition by structuring the transaction; by underwriting financial requirements; or by negotiating for additional funds. Simply put, we start with what's best for the business and work from there. The end result is a partnership structured in the present that is well-positioned for the commercial growth, development, resort, hard money or working capital future of your business.


CFSI and its Financial Conduit works with you to execute mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; arrange strategic partnerships;

We work alongside our clients to support their growth strategies by delivering successful corporate finance financing. Debt Capital underwriting and financing for management buy-outs and recapitalizations, or to finance growth, we are able to combine value-added financial advisory services with the source capital required.


Advising and managing the acquisition of businesses from target search to underwriting acquisition capital, if required. Our approach is to deliver a successful acquisition - not just to close the deal.

Management Buyouts:

Often, the best prospect to purchase a business is its management team. However, these teams frequently lack the equity and financial relationships to independently consummate a transaction. We can assist these management teams in the structuring and financing of a transaction while providing ownership the assurance that they received a fair, competitive value for the business. If your don't see what you are looking for, please call and speak to someone about your particular funding needs.

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